Why Custom Private Label Products?

Runway Research is anything but your typical organic private label hair products company. We hand craft every batch to order. This allows you to get the product that will truly represents your vision. Say this with me,

“I do not have to compromise on fragrance! I do not have to compromise on packaging. I do not have to compromise on specialty ingredients in my formulation. I do not have to compromise the vision and integrity of my products!”

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How to Get Started!

How long have you been dreaming about starting your own organic private label product line? Too long??? Are you tired of the same products with the same old ingredients? If you said, “Yes, I’m ready to take action and make my dreams come true!” we’d love to help.

Take this opportunity to create a unique line of organic private label hair products that include your choice of:
bottles of essential oils for private label hair products    flasks of fragrance oils for private label hair products

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Organic Ingredients! Superior Products!

We are simply committed to the highest level of organic private label product performance possible. We use the best ingredients that both nature and science have to offer to get incredibly consistent results across a range of product types. We use organic and natural ingredients when possible

Do you need to have your organic private label products certified as USDA Organic for distribution via Whole Foods Markets “Premium Body Care Program?

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Professional organic private label hair care products can formulated to meet any organic standard. However, it’s important to keep in mind that professional private label hair products typically require certain key ingredients that are safe synthetics or mineral-based. This includes would include mineral-based silicones for shine, smoothing, and minimizing frizz. Synthetic polymers are important “hold” ingredients in hair sprays, root lifters and other control products. With regards to USDA Organic Certification, it is much more common for shampoos, conditioners and a very small number of styling and finishing products to meet the current certification specifications without sacrificing the performance that today’s demanding consumers expect.Learn More
private label hair products - 'updo' with organic fruit
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